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Our imperative is listening to our client, understanding his special needs and requirements (both existing and future), and then we tune up these needs with our realistic capacities. For ensuring the respective stock of necessary components meeting the changing needs, we offer our customers to accumulate the stock in our warehouses in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Gdansk. Whatever decision you choose, it will be based on your - customer‘s - needs.

Most often in our warehouses we support the amount sufficient to meet the customer‘s needs for two-six months for the components which delivery terms may vary, and the delivery of which often causes problems. 

Usually we have the following stock in our warehouses:

  1. Stock of the most popular electronic components and main „hot" ElgertaGroup positions:
  • Various ICs: microcontrollers, analog and digital amplifiers, converters, audio/video ICs, drivers, voltage regulators, interfaces etc.
  • Relays,
  • DC/DC converters,
  • Quartz resonators,
  • MLCC in 0402 - 1206 package,
  • SMD resistors in 0402 - 1206 package,
  • RF and small power transistors,
  • Connectors,
  • LEDs,
  • PTC and NTC,
  • Inductors,
  • Sensors,
  • Diodes,
  • Other.
2. Stock from 50% to 600% of the monthly amount of components needed by our customers who have long-term contracts with us.

3. Stock of new and advanced components that we represent in the market.
While buying the components from ElgertaGroup warehouses, most often the limitation of minimum order quantity (MOQ) is not applied. But the minimum amount of products sold by ElgertaGroup  to its customers - EUR 30.00 + VAT - remains the same, if no different agreements were made.

Delivery to „the door" from our warehouses in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Gdansk even for our customers located in the most remote places in the Baltic States and Poland is possible, in urgent cases - within less than eight hours, and if the goods are in the warehouse of the customer‘s country, then the delivery within several hours or even faster is possible !!!

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