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Price and payment
Firstly, we would like to emphasize the things we already have mentioned in the section „Components selection". You will buy more than just a component for the price offered by us. For this price you will also receive:
  • Only quality products because we are the official distributor of products;

  • Engineering assistance while designing in the components in your products (evaluation boards, component layouts, recommendations and consultations of ElgertaGroup and manufacturers);

  • Supply of customers with newest general (review) and special technical literature, catalogues, CD and so on;

  • Rapid notification of buyers about new, more competitive and technologically advanced components that could replace the currently used components IN ALL ASPECTS;

  • Presentation of future products from the producers represented by ElgertaGroup;

  • Supply of additional software and accessories (programmer units, emulators, adapters etc.);

  • Search for "hot" components all over the world!

  • Order logistics and delivery "to the door";

  • Local buffer stock. There, we have a stock from 50% to 600% of the monthly amount of components needed by customers;
  • Advance notification of customers about the expected termination of manufacture of components used by customers, the last order dates, and last manufacture dates, by simultaneously proposing alternative replacement options;

  • Presentation of your company to ANALOG DEVICES, EPCOS, JAUCH, MURATA, TE CONNECTIVITY, YAGEO/PHYCOMP/FERROXCUBE and others ElgertaGroup represented components manufacturers;

  • Possibility to initiate direct contacts with engineers, regional managers and persons in charge for product implementation centres of these manufacturers;

  • Flexible payment terms;

  • And more...

The minimum amount per order for the components in ElgertaGroup warehouses, irrespective to the number of positions, is EUR 30.00 + VAT. If the minimum package of the manufacturer is difficult to divide (e.g., packing in a reel), we will supply only full packings. Though... Therefore call us!
Number of customised components ordered in plants for you depends on the minimum order quantities in certain companies. Please contact the ElgertaGroup staff for more details. Once again, we would like to emphasize that rules usually do have exceptions, therefore please contact us!

ElgertaGroup payment terms are very flexible and in every case they should be discussed with the customer.

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