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The procedure is quite simple.

1. If you have not yet made up your mind whether the selected components meet your requirements, and you need an offer for alternative products, or consultation of electronic specialists, you may simply contact your ElgertGroup service engineer, or e-mail to our general technical assistance service You can also call us, or send the fax into the nearest ElgertaGroup office. 

2. Please e-mail your request for quotation on component supply to your ElgertGroup service engineer, or e-mail to our general technical assistance service You can also call us, or send the fax into the nearest ElgertaGroup office. 
  Your request for quotation must contain your main requirements that will be the basis for us for order preparation:
  • Project name;
  • Component name;
  • Brief description (for instance, component package, temperature range and so on (if the name of product itself does not carry this information));
  • Required quantity and delivery terms;
  • Forecasted annual demand;
  • Names of alternatives and their prices (if any);
  • Target price.
3.  We might need from one hour to three days to prepare the offer. The validity time will be specified in the offer. We would like to emphasize that this offer will be prepared on the basis of information provided in your request for quotation. Therefore, the more information you provide us, the more flexible and detailed our response will be.

4. Ordering. It depends whether our offer meets your requirements.
If you are not satisfied with our supply terms, please notify us - we are ready to consider it once again in our company, and if necessary, discuss it with the component manufacturer. Your detailed argumentation would be very helpful for that.
If our response meets your requirements, please send us the purchase order.

5. Order acknowledgement. If there is no separate agreement, we will confirm your order no later than within 3 days (in some cases we must wait for the manufacturer‘s reply). ElgertaGroup order acknowledgment, if its terms and conditions meet the terms specified in your request, is treated as an agreement between the parties (if the contract does not provide differently). Implementation of this agreement is being executed automatically, and it is binding both for the customer and for ElgertaGroup.

6. The order is deemed as implemented in full when ElgertaGroup, on the basis of your order and on its order acknowledgment, delivers you the goods, and you accept the goods.
Therefore, everything depends on your needs and on ElgertaGroup possibilities.

If we are not completely sure whether we can process your order in a competent and professional manner, we will specify you other supply sources, and recommend our colleague distributors in Lithuania, Europe, USA or Far East, that in your case could propose you their supply terms.

  We will be happy to serve you, because our task is to work with our customers, enabling their business expansion by providing the best quality, value for money and delivery.

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