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ElgertaGroup customers are continuously supplied with the newest information (catalogues, CD, brochures, presentations etc.) of the existing and future electronic components. In addition, we promptly supply samples, evaluation and demo boards, development and mounting kits. Being a local distributor well aware of our customers projects, BOM, specifics of the designed, manufactured, or modernised products, we are continuously monitoring the plans for new component development and manufacture of our represented producers, and notify our customers about it. As an official distributor, we have a direct access to internal information systems of numerous manufacturers, and therefore our engineers will provide you with the most up-to-date and the newest information on the currently used components, as well as on future products. 

Why it is beneficial to our customers? They always have a possibility to be ONE STEP AHEAD!

Should you need any technical assistance, please contact the ElgertGroup engineer servicing you or write at the general e-mail for technical assistance EL2Support You can also call us, or send a fax to the nearest ElgertaGroup office. All our offices in Baltic States and Poland can always offer you catalogues of manufacturers, CDs, brochures and the newest technical information about the products you are interested in, and other technical assistance, as well as the ordered samples. All information, samples and technical assistance for our customers are offered free of charge, provided no manufacturer limitations are applied in respect to them. We will be pleased to help both the beginner designers as well as engineers of our regular customers.
Only together, step by step, tomorrow we will realize the today‘s dreams.

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