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Components selection
Let‘s try to clarify the factors determining the correct selection of one or another component:
  • Conformity to customer's requirements. It is very important that engineers and designers of the customer would know the precise requirements for the designed item already in the primary development stage: purpose, functions, precision class, temperature limits etc.

  • Price. The main mistake often made by many customers is that the price specified in a pricelist or quoted by a supplier is the only thing that determines the selection of one or another component. But the long term world trade practice has demonstrated that what is included into the price is of key importance. WHAT ARE THE REAL PRICE OF COMPONENTS? Below we specify the factors mostly determining the real price of components:

Quality and reliability. The customer does not need to check the quality of the received devices, therefore he saves costs already in the primary manufacture stages, and quality of components along with high reliability proposed by producers reduces the future expenses of the customer (for instance, return and repair of products). In addition, this boosts the trust with customer‘s products, his reputation, which of course determines his sales results in future.

Design, supply and manufacture expenses. Leading technologies, growing integration and minimization of components reduces the product development and manufacture costs.

Purchase expenses. International cooperation, international payments, maintenance of high qualification purchase specialists team, customs procedure costs etc.

Supplier service. Prompt supply of customers with the newest technical information, technologies, literature, necessary samples of components, additional software, hardware, evaluation boards, development kits. Supplier‘s competence and professionalism, responsibility and offered payment terms.

Stock. Geographic location of the warehouse. Delivery speed and possibilities.

Protection against unexpected situations and costs in the future. Component delivery warranties, supplier‘s responsibility for meeting the delivery terms, timely notification of customers about the planned termination of manufacture of the supplied components, or their specification changes.

And what do we offer?

First of all we are dedicated to listening to our client, understanding his special needs and requirements, analyzing the project where the components will be used, and then we tune up these needs with our realistic capacities. We select the components for our customers according to their specifications, and offer several alternative options taking into consideration many such important factors as quality, price, universal application of components, innovations, future manufacture terms and supply guarantees. If the customer has already selected the components, then, while offering their price and supply terms, we additionally notify about the possible upgrading of these components, their future manufacture terms and possible future replacements with newer products.

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