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Our most valuable asset is our people. Our strength is their knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. The ElgertaGroup team is recruited from diverse backgrounds, but all of us are attracted to electronics in one or another aspect. We are known for our innovative attitude and diligence. We have a passion to deliver excellence in everything we do (our work, our learning and customer service).

We create a long-term value

Our mission is to be the source most preferred by engineers and buyers to design, prototype and manufacture electronics. That's what we do at ElgertaGroup.
From the very beginning in 1992, we are especially strong inside the company. After 20 years of experience we have become a unique, independent group of companies operating in all three Baltic States and Poland, delivering the edge-breaking technologies and the best service to local and international customers. Because we believe in going for what we want, what we do and what we can. We think this will attract new creators, new talents, new personalities to work with us!

We are looking for:
  • New creator who wants to be the best,
  • New talent who wants to convert the today‘s unrealistic things into tomorrow‘s habits,
  • New personalities who want to realize personal ambitions in a professional way.
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        - when it‘s about electronic components in the Baltic States and Poland!

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