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Our task is to work with our customers, enabling their business expansion by providing the best in quality, value for money and delivery. After 20 years of experience we become a unique, independent group of companies operating in all three Baltic States and Poland, delivering the edge-breaking technologies and the best service to local and international customers. Because we believe in going for what we want, what we do and what we can.

Tasks for the years 1992 - 1997:
  • To find ourselves, as a distributor of electronic components, a niche in the market.
  • To assist the buyers of the Baltic States in acquiring electronic components.
  • To be the first in developing a clear system of customer supply with electronic components, and their subsequent servicing.

The years 1998 - 2001 were very important to our company due to the essential goals raised by us for that period:
  • Top level service by supplying our buyers with active, passive and other highest quality electronic components from different manufacturers.
  • Offering wide selection of electronic components to our customers: from resistors to the most complex microprocessors.
  • "Quality and service" is our credo.
  • Competitive prices.

Tasks for the year 2002 - 2004:
  • Implementation of new business management system (BMS) in the company. - Implemented but continuously upgraded because there are no limits for perfection.
  • Strengthening of salesmen link.
  • Offering B2B and B2C to our partners and our customers. - implemented but continuously upgraded.
  • Broadening of passive and electro mechanical scope of devices marketed by us. - ACHIEVED (TE CONNECTIVITY, HAHN, MURATA)
  • Strengthening of engineering division.  - ACHIEVED.
  • Improvement of working conditions.  - ACHIEVED. Lithuanian and Latvian teams moved to new offices.

Tasks and goals for the year 2005 - 2010:
  • Improvement of customer service quality. - We are improving it continuously.
  • Broadening the scope of electronic components marketed by us. - We strive for it. In 2006-2009 we became the official distributor of the companies ESKA, IXYS, KINGBRIGHT, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC, WINSTAR, XP POWER, CINTERION WIRELESS MODULES.
  • Strengthening of ElgertaGroup positions in Estonian market. - We strive for it.
  • Strengthening of customer service and sales engineer divisions. - Our continuous attempts are targeted towards the proper meeting of all market and customer challenges by these two departments.
  • Continue with occupying the increasingly larger market share, in competition with international distributors- by demonstrating to our customers the advantages of a local distributor which are determined by similarities of mentality, close geographical situation, flexibility, fast service and quality, and professional skills.

Tasks and goals for the year 2011 - 2015:
  • Strengthening ElgertaGroup sales and engineering departments in Poland, Lithuania and Estonia.
  • Implementation of SAP on-line B2B system in Group companies.
  • Further implementation of SAP ERP in Estonia and Poland.
  • Implementation of TREX products management model in SAP ERP.
  • Implementation of SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence  platform.
  • SAP BO implementation in logistic/purchase and finance departments.
  • Further implementation of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between ELGERTA GROUP and vendors. Till the end of 2014 process ~70% of all purchasing volume via EDI.
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transfer of structured data between ELGERTA GROUP and customer without human intervention.
  • Organizing technical seminars (TDK (PFC), RFMD, NXP, TE and etc.) for customers in Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • ElgertaGroup expansion on the Poland market.
  • Further ElgertaGroup expansion on the market of Central, Eastern and Nord Europe.

Ethical requirements and standards of corporate ethics are the key values of our company. They are our most important values in our attempt of remaining the leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing in the Baltic States and Poland among the local and foreign distributors of electronic components. We are the leader distributing only the top quality electronic components from the local stock and able to propose the thorough professional service to his buyers, and the professional cooperation to his suppliers.

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