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For many decades Lithuania was distinguished from the other Baltic States and from the other republics of the former Soviet Union, by its best developed electronics industry. After Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia restored independence, their favourable geographic location between the Western (Scandinavia and Western Europe) and the Eastern countries (Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine), potential of qualified workers, labour and „brain" resources cheaper than in the West, stable economic and political situation has attracted attention of many investors, and subsequently their investments into the electronics industry. Especially large foreign investment projects (Scandinavian countries) were implemented in Estonia, whereas the growth of electronics industry in Lithuania and Latvia was based mostly on the local manufacturers and investors.

Distribution of ElgertaGroup sales, and distribution forecast by markets:

  1993 - 2000  2001 - 2005  2006 - 2010  2012 2015
Poland - - - 12,3% 21%
Estonia 2% 4% 8% 8,4%  9%
Latvia 15% 16% 10% 7,9%  8%
Lithuania 44% 70% 76% 62,8%  45%
Scandinavia - - 1% 0,4%  3%
Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia and other countries of the region - - - 0,9%  9%
Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries of the region 36% 9% 3% 7,0%  4%
Other countries 3% 1% 2% 0,4%  1%

We focus our business to the market of the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), and for many years we have been the strongest official distributor of electronic components among the local companies in the Baltic States. Therefore the main ElgertaGroup customers for electronic components are situated in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

In 2004 - 2007 the sales of ElgertaGroup were growing by more than 20% per year!

ElgertaGroup turnover

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