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How we work
From the beginning of cooperation or a new project we are dedicated for hearing our client, understanding his special needs, current and future requirements for the supply of electronic components, and then we tune up these needs with our realistic capacities. In order to ensure the sufficient, timely supply of state-of-the-art components meeting the changing needs of clients, we propose to our clients to accumulate and to continuously replenish in the course of cooperation a buffer stock in our main warehouse in Gdansk, Vilnius, Riga or Tallinn warehouses.  Delivery from these warehouses „to the door" is possible even for most remotely located customers, and in case of emergency - even faster than in 8 hours!

Our task is to work with our customers, enabling their business expansion by providing the best in quality, value for money and delivery. We try to be different from other distributors and suppliers by not only selling components for our customers, but also providing them with thorough service including the following:
  • Presentation of the newest products and technologies for the existing and potential customers: technical specifications, samples, assistance in application of products in production (evaluation boards, development kits, component layouts, recommendations and consultations from manufacturers).
  • Supply of customers with the newest general (overview) and special technical information.
  • Presentation of future products of our represented manufacturers to customers: prior notification of customers about new and technologically advanced components that could replace the currently used components in all aspects.
  • Search of components according to customer specification and fast delivery of samples.
  • Supply of additional software and accessories (programmer units, emulators, adapters, demo and test boards, etc.).
  • Orders logistics, delivery "to the door" and stocks in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Gdansk.
  • Advance notification of customers about the expected production termination of components used by customers, the last order dates, and last manufacture dates, by simultaneously proposing alternative replacement options.
ElgertaGroup engineers team provides specialized services in expediting and simplifying your journey from concept to the end product sale. Why it is so useful to our customers? You can shorten the time required for getting into the market, and ensure yourself the supply flexibility and reliability in all manufacturing stages. You have a possibility to reduce the supply overhead costs and frozen means to stock reserve! Here good partnership and close relations between the customer, distributor and manufacturer of electronic components is especially important. We encourage our sales specialists to think of themselves as of consultants engaged and prepared to meet the customers' challenges. We are continuously introducing new innovative programs, leading edge technology, superior service and a design-in focus through ElgertaGroup Technical Solutions Management program.

It is our staff's commitment to provide the newest technology products and top quality management services for the customers.

ElgertaGroup is focused on developing its relations with suppliers on the basis of mutual trust and transparency, according to the international business ethics and practice. We provide our suppliers with the newest information on the most prospective in the Baltic States and Poland and the most rapidly developing industries and companies of electronics, economical situation and prospects, new business projects, as well as about possible market growth, decline and other tendencies.

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