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ElgertaGroup was established in autumn of 2006 as a supplier of active (semiconductors), passive, optoelectronic and electromechanic electronic components in Poland and the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The ElgertaGroup includes:

Caro Electronics (established in 1992, Latvia);
Elgerta (established in 1993, Lithuania);
Elgerta Electronics (established in 2007, Estonia);
Olko Electronics (established in 2012, Poland).

Caro Electronics was established in 1992 in Latvian capital Riga. One of the main fields of activity was distribution of semiconductor devices, electromechanical and other electronic components in Latvia and Lithuania. Analog Devices was the first company represented by Caro Electronics. Then Caro Electronics became the official distributor of several famous global companies, such as Peak Electronics GmbH, Aimtec Ltd (Canada), IXYS Corporation (USA) and JAUCH (Germany). From the very beginning of operation main attention of Caro Electronics was paid to the provision of technical literature, samples and solutions to the local market. In addition, big attention was paid to the development of a local warehouse for the electronic component stock.

Elgerta was established in 1993 in Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Already from the beginning of 1994 Elgerta based its activity strategy on the official representation of manufacturers of electronic components in a certain region: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belorussia, and Russia. Taking into consideration that already from the times of the USSR the electrical components manufactured mostly in the former Soviet Union were used in the Baltic States, in 1994 - 1995 Elgerta became the largest exclusive distributor of Russian manufacturers of active semiconductor devices "Kremnij AB" (Briansk), "Eliz AB" (Friazino, Moscow oblast) and "VZPP AB" (Voronezh)  in the Baltic states. After the restoration of independence of the Republic of Lithuania, we were the first company in Lithuania delivering exceptionally original electronic components to our buyers. At the same time, while forecasting the breakthrough in the market of electronic components, we were continuously developing our relations with foreign manufacturers and distributors. We are cooperating with such companies as "Siemens", "Philips Semiconductors", "STMicroelectronics (SGS-Thomson)", "Philips Components", "Fabrimex AG", "Analog Devices", "Rohm", "Fuji Electric Japan"("Fuji Electric Germany"), "Avnet EMG-Setron", "Hev Halbleiter", "Elbatex", "P.+C.Schwick" and others.

Already for a whole number of years Elgerta is the official distributor of electronic components among the local companies in Lithuania.

Elgerta Electronics was established in 2007 in Estonian capital Tallinn. It is the youngest branch of ElgertaGroup, and big expectations of our group as well as strong ambitions are related with it - to occupy the significant share of Estonian electronic components market during the upcoming three years. The top level customer service, flexibility, speed of service and professional attitude to work, along with the support and experience of the entire ElgertaGroup will enable us to achieve our goals in Estonia!

More details about the ElgertaGroup history and growth are available below:
  • In 1993 - 1996 we had the essential change in the development of electronic components market in the Baltic States. Already at the end of 1996 over 55% of electronic components were imported not from the CIS but from the Western and Central Europe, USA and Far East. This index became as high as 98% within the next several years!
  • 1996. We became the direct distributor of the "Rohm" company products in the Baltic market.
  • 1997. Considering the growing electronic components market in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, which in 1997 was estimated by 11 million USA dollars per year, at the beginning of 1997 PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS chose Elgerta from numerous Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian companies, and on April 29 of 1997 our companies signed a cooperation agreement according to which  Elgerta became the officially authorized representative and product distributor of the company "Philips Semiconductors" (in 2006 the new company NXP SEMICONDUCTORS was established (formerly a division of Royal Philips Electronics) in three Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • In the same year "Fuji Electric Japan" ("Fuji Electric Germany") appointed us their authorized representative in the Baltic States, Russia and Byelorussia.
  • In July 1997 Elgerta became the official distributor of "STMicroelectronics" products in the Baltic States, Byelorussia and Russia.
  • In February 1998 Elgerta signed a distribution agreement with the company "Philips Components" and became the official representative of this company, and product distributor in the Baltic States.

Such were our plans for the year 1996 - 1998, and we achieved it! 
  • 1997 - 1998. These years were very important for Elgerta. While representing "Philips Semiconductors", "Fuji Electric Japan"("Fuji Electric Germany"), "Philips Components" and other international companies, we had to rearrange our company, and adapt our sales and customer service strategy in order to meet the growing demands of customers, and to implement the tasks of the represented manufacturers. During these two years we have strengthened our engineering and logistical divisions, approached as much as possible these high requirements raised by customers to their suppliers, introduced our main customers with the responsible staff of our represented companies, established the buffer stock for these companies‘ products in Vilnius.
  • 1998. At the end of the year we signed the distribution agreement with the Swiss company "Fabrimex AG", manufacturing AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies and converters. Elgerta became the exclusive distributor of "Fabrimex" products in the Baltic States, Byelorussia and Russia.
  • 1999. "Philips Components" transferred a part of its passive components production to the company "BC Components". Elgerta became the official dealer of "BC Components" (from November 2002 BCC became a part of "VISHAY" concern) in the Baltic States.
  • In the same year the representation agreement was signed with "Analog Devices". Elgerta became the official distributor of "Analog Devices" in Lithuania, and Caro Electronics - distributor in Latvia. It enabled us to offer to our buyers the large scope of new components, and the possibility to supply the ADI components in small lots, support certain projects with special prices and exceptional conditions and terms. In addition, we got all possibilities to present to the customers in a short time samples of components ordered from "Analog Devices", the newest literature and evaluation boards, development kits. This helped to solve the problems of obtaining the ADI components that existed prior to 1999. If you are interested in ADI samples, literature, information on the newest devices, prices, termination of old components manufacture, technical assistance (software, evaluation boards, development kits) etc. - please call us, write to us in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania! We will present you with the real company "Analog Devices".
  • In autumn 1999 we began the cooperation with German manufacturer Siemens Matsushita Components (later EPCOS), a joint venture founded in 1989 by Siemens and Matsushita, and in spring 2000 Elgerta became the official EPCOS distributor. Test samples, project registration, technical literature, seminars, technical consultations and timely supply of components from the warehouses in Vilnius and Riga are easily available for our customers in the Baltic States.
  • February 27, 2001 Elgerta became the official distributor of a German company "JAUCH" in Lithuania. Later, the agreement on representation of "JAUCH" company by Caro Electronics in Latvia, and Elgerta Electronics in Estonia was made.
  • End of 2001. One of the biggest global manufacturers of passive components "YAGEO" and Elgerta agreed on distribution of YAGEO products in the Baltic States. The "YAGEO" Corporation includes "FERROXCUBE", TEAPO, PHYCOMP, CHILISIN and other divisions which products - the widest range of resistors, ccapacitors, inductors and magnetic components - we are distributing now. At the beginning of 2002 buffer stock of YAGEO products was established in Vilnius, and in 2006 also in Riga.
  • In November 2002 we began the cooperation with TE Connectivity. Elgerta became the representative in Lithuania of one of the biggest manufacturers of relays, connectors, tools, electromechanical and passive components. TE Connectivity unites several dozen of daughter companies-manufacturers such as AMP, Schrack, Raychem, Axicom, Agastat, Meggit, M/A-COM, Alcoswitch, Austin Lynx and others. Cooperation with TE Connectivity served as a big expansion of component assortment offered by Elgerta.
  • In 2003 Caro Electronics (ElgertaGroup) became the official distributor of the company PEAK in the Baltic States.
  • In May 2003 Elgerta became the distributor of Japanese company Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd in the Baltic States. This manufacturer is world wide famous for its high-quality ceramic components. As a result of achievements in the field of science, and on its 50 year anniversary, in 1994 Murata Group was nominated as "Innovator in Electronics". Currently Elgerta is in a position to offer to its customers the complete Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd products range and service: test samples, project registration, technical literature, seminars, technical consultations and timely supply of components. This step enables us to propose yet wider scope of ceramic components and the widest selection possibilities for our customers.  
  • In 2003 Caro Electronics (ElgertaGroup) became the official distributor of the company AIMTEC in the Baltic States.
  • In May 2005 Elgerta became the distributor of German company HAHN in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. This manufacturer specializes in a wide range transformers and reels. The company has over 35 years experience in transformer market therefore it can offer the high quality and reliable products. All HAHN products meet the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 standard. This manufacturer has a large transformer stock therefore the delivery terms are very favourable. We supply our customers with free HAHN product samples and technical literature. This ElgertaGroup and HAHN cooperation enables us to offer our customers wider range of power supplies.
  • In 2005 Caro Electronics (ElgertaGroup) became the official distributor of the company IXYS in the Baltic States.
  • In September 2006, trying to get closer to the Estonian and Latvian customers, and to provide them the same service as for Lithuanian customers, we established the ElgertaGroup. Our company group: Elgerta Electronics (in Estonia), Caro Electronics (in Latvija) and Elgerta (in Lithuania), with a fifteen-year history of providing the customers' engineers, designers and purchase managers the best products and experience at all our divisions, allows our customers to explore continuously new ways to improve their products and services. ElgertaGroup continuously delivers innovative technologies and makes it easier for our customers to do business with us.
  • In March 2007 ElgertaGroup became the representative of German manufacturer ESKA Erich Schweizer GmbH, for over 50 years supplying the electronic component market with different types of fuses, in all three Baltic countries. Quality and reliability of ESKA products are verified by VDE, SEMKO and UL certificates and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system implemented in the company. ESKA offers a wide assortment of products including SMD, sub-miniature, resettable, fast and ultra-fast and regular fuses, PTC and NTC fuses, various fuse holders etc. ESKA  company engineers themselves design the production equipment thus they can offer customized products and remain competitive in constantly changing market conditions. Cooperation of ElgertaGroup and ESKA not only ensures the wide offer of fuses and related products for our customers, favourable terms of delivery, but also provides a possibility to supply free samples and technical literature.
  • In March 2007 ElgertaGroup became the distributor of Taiwan company Kingbright Electronic Co., Ltd., for over 25 years implementing the technological novelties in hard body lighting field and producing LEDs and other related products. Kingbright product quality and reliability is ensured by VDE, UL, SONY Green Partner certificates and DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality management system implemented in the company. The world wide acknowledged Kingbright company offers a wide range of hard body lighting products containing different forms and sizes of SMD and leaded LEDs, including high brightness and power LEDs, infrared (IR) diodes, phototransistors, optocouplers, digital and matrix type indicators, various holders, etc.
  • The cooperation between ElgertaGroup and Kingbright gives us a possibility to form a warehouse of the most popular Kingbright products for our customers, ensure favourable terms of delivery, a possibility to supply free samples and technical literature. Please contact the ElgertaGroup sales engineers regarding the orders and other relevant issues.
  • In June 2007 ElgertaGroup became the distributor of Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric in all three Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
  • In Nowember 2007 Elgerta Group became the official partner of Winstar Display Co., Ltd. - a company from Taiwan, producing liquid crystal displays (LCDs) from 1998. As a result of successful growth, Winstar has become a respected world wide name within the liquid crystal display (LCD) industry in the past few years.
  • In winter 2008 Elgerta Group began the cooperation with English company XP Power. XP Power  is known as a manufacturer of high quality AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters.
  • In February 2012 Elgerta Group became the official RF Micro Devices, Inc.. (RFMD) representative in the Baltic countries. RFMD  is a global manufacturer of developing and producing high-frequency semiconductor devices. 

  • In January 2013 Elgerta Group became the official Keystone Electronics Corp.. (KEYSTONE) representative in Poland and the Baltic countries. KEYSTONE - U.S. manufacturer, developing and manufacturing a wide range of Electronics products. 

  • In May 2013 Elgerta Group became an official Hirose Electric (Hirose) representative in Poland and the Baltic countries. Hirose  - Japanese manufacturer has 70 years designs and manufactures a variety of connectors for industrial and commercial appliances, communication devices.   
  • In January 2015 Elgerta Group became an official WIZnet representative in Poland and the Baltic countries. WIZnet provides IOcP (Internet Offload co-Processors) and HW TCP/IP chips, modules (including WiFi), best fitted for low-end Non-OS devices connecting to the Ethernet for the internet of things.  

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