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/ 2007-11-14 /  ElgertaGroup became the official partner of Winstar Display Co., Ltd.
ElgertaGroup became the official partner of Winstar Display Co., Ltd. - a company from Taiwan, producing liquid crystal displays (LCDs) from 1998. As a result of successful growth, Winstar has become a respected world wide name within the liquid crystal display (LCD) industry in the past few years. The quality and reliability of Winstar products is assured by the certified Quality-Management-System DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Winstar offers a wide range of different type (TN, STN, FSTN, TFT) character and graphic displays, produced using various technologies (COB, COG, TAB, etc.). Therefore it gives an outstanding flexibility for the customer to choose required size of display and characters, color and backlight from many variations.

The partnership between ElgertaGroup and Winstar ensures constantly updated local stock of samples and standard products, available technical literature and possibility to offer LCDs adjusted to concrete customer's needs. Please contact ElgertaGroup sales engineers for orders, technical consultations and any other relevant questions.

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